Resolutions, fish and the John Lennon test

I hate resolutions.

Not because they are not S.M.A.R.T. goals. Not because people seem to approach them in a cavalier or superficial fashion right before the heavy drinking begins.

Nope, I hate resolutions because “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Thank you, Mr. Lennon.

Or, to put it another way, I’ll refer to a friend who commented on my previous blog by pointing out that parenting doesn’t allow us to train in the same way that a marathon does. There is no manual for parenting.

We can try to run our own race when it comes to parenting, but resolving to be a better parent isn’t all that helpful.

If I had made a list of resolutions for January 1 2010, the only thing that might have looked like a goal that might have seemed like it happened was to run a faster 5k. My resolution list certainly wouldn’t have included something like “get my heart broken too many times to count.”

My list for 2011, if I were to make one, would not have included a magical, wonderful moment yesterday, January 1st.

The twins and I went to visit a couple who were having a New Year’s levee. We haven’t been to visit them in a long time. They are fun, calm, intelligent people who have a musical, literate and creative circle of friends. I don’t get to expose the kids everyday to bagpipes, violin and concertinas being played in the living room, so I was already looking forward to a special day.

After the bagpiper played (son loved it, daughter not so much), Daniel sat down to play with his doodle pad. People (ok, mostly grown-ups with no kids) had been using it during the day to draw the pictures. Funny how people who don’t get to use kids toys and tools like to play with them.

Son’s usual approach is to erase pictures and start his own. This time he looked at the pad which was covered with fish and started to write.

I have to point out that Daniel has been using magnetic letters, block letters and the like for months to spell words he sees on TV or on signs. In the past few weeks, he has switched to writing on a white board. It is always mimicking what he has seen.

Yesterday, with fish on the doodle pad, he made a huge leap. Not erasing the pictures seemed a little unusual to me, but no biggie. Writing an “f” was interesting.

Then he wrote an “i” and I knew something special was happening.

With the “s” and “h”, Daniel had worked some magic.

Daniel had finally told us he knows what is going on in the universe. He can label things he sees. No longer will I wonder why he mimics the credits at the end of movies. I will know he can tell me what his world is like and the credits were a transition to get to this point.

Writing about it, just doesn’t do it justice. I was tingling, almost in tears. Others who were seeing Daniel write “Fish” sensed the magic in the moment.

Resolutions about being a better parent don’t mean a damn when living life.

Yesterday, Daniel ran his own race and whatever I could have resolved meant nothing. I’m okay with that. In fact, I am over the moon happy about it. Thank goodness, I have no training manual or resolutions. I might have missed how brilliant 2011 became on its very first day.

Now, to get my darn phone to work properly to get the pics off. My phone also seems to be immune to resolutions to work better in 2011.


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