Daniel’s Amazing Words

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Enterta  mWriting on the Fridge 4Writing on the Fridge 3Jungle JunctionWriting on the Fridge 2Writing on the Fridge 1
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Daniel’s Amazing Words, a set on Flickr.

Recently I have stopped referring to Daniel as non-verbal because he does have a growing vocabulary. He is also occasionally using some words before being prompted.

For months now, he has been writing words with any imaginable type of letters and improvised materials for letters.

Yesterday, the school board’s IPRC met to discuss a space in a special ASD class in our current board. He was approved, which was great news. During the conversations, though, we kept coming back to Daniel’s letters and words, initially mimicking video or tv show credits.

On January 1st this year, though, he actually labelled a picture of a fish as a fish. In the last short while he has been doing something similar with his EA, using a blue crayon to write the word blue and so on with other crayons. She drew a cake and he wrote the word for it.

Please take a peek at the pics in this flickr set because it reflects remarkable achievements in Daniel’s ability to tell us about his universe.


7 thoughts on “Daniel’s Amazing Words

    • It is SO exciting. Day to day there are indications of big things going on, but it wasn’t until I sorted through some pics this morning that I could some something bigger. It’s almost like this unstoppable force to get these words out no matter what and regardless of what is at hand. It’s incredible to watch.


    • Hi Ashera. Thank you for your kind thoughts. My best wishes for you and your son. Somedays hope is all we have. Your son will make progress, like Daniel has. Hope is the most powerful ally we all have.


    • I too think (and know from experience) that there is ALWAYS hope! ALWAYS! NEVER, EVER give up hope. Keep hope alive – the thoughts are in there and the words are desperately trying to get out and one day, he just might knock your socks off!


  1. Thank you taking a peek and sharing how you felt, Karen. Daniel has so much to say and talking is not how he expresses himself most often. It was telling the family doctor that he had stopped verbalizing that finally got him bumped up to a specialist. Not talking doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anything to say. It was after reading a lot of blog posts yesterday about Autistics Speaking Day that I had an “a ha” moment and realized Daniel’s voice could be a part of it.


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