Running into New Friends

I started running as a grown up almost 2 years ago. I took it up because the organization I worked for was putting a team into the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I didn’t want to walk the 5k. I needed to run it. I needed to demonstrate to me that I could train, I could be disciplined and an old guy with asthma could run.

Running changed my life in some predictable and really unpredictable ways.

What running also did was give me the opportunity to become part of a different community.

We spend a good chunk of our lives moving into and out of communities, and I don’t mean neighbourhoods, but communities of interests.

Now, about the same time I started running I joined Twitter–talk about your communities of interests.

I’ve had the good fortune to become a member of many communities on Twitter and hear many new voices.

Someone I’ve tweeted with a lot has just started a new blog. I’ve had the great pleasure to have her guest post on my blog about tax issues for parents of asd kids, as well as discuss her fundraising campaign in support of iPads for her twin boys. I am talking about @OMum22 over on Twitter. Her blog is Small But Kinda Mighty and her latest post is about why she took up running. We all have a reason for running and hers is the same as mine: our kids need us to be healthy.

If you are wondering about her iPad campaign, she achieved her goal and order the iPads a week ago. If you are so inclined, wander over to Small But Kinda Mighty and congratulate her by reading.


2 thoughts on “Running into New Friends

  1. “I run. I love to run. While I may not be fast, I am dedicated. In the snow, in the rain, in the blazing sun, I run. I am still trying to figure out why I run, and I guess until I do, I will tie on the shoes and head out”. Me….
    It is amazing how running can change your life, good for you, good for your friend and good for all of us runners. It is an amazing community. As I head into leading my next 5km clinic, I’m blessed to share this passion with the newly inspired…let’s build this community.


  2. Wow – thanks so much for introducing your readers to my blog. Why am I not surprised that we feel similarly about running? Guess we’ll add it to the list of things we’re on the same page about 🙂


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