Daniel’s Word Part 2

The twins have been here for some extra time while their mother is having routine surgery. Since I loved being on parental leave and a sometimes WAHD, the extra days have been bliss.

The additional days have included some wonderful surprises.

Along with Daniel taking a glass of water to his sister without bring prompted and taking something to the garbage (again without prompting), he’s also waved goodbye while saying bye for the first time in years.

In the 2 weeks, he has done so many great new things, but most of them have been connected to verbalizing. When I picked them up from school the other day, the EA asked what I made of Daniel’s new disinterestedness in letters and writing words. We both thought it might be connected to Daniel actually saying more words.

In case I thought he no longer relied on using letters to communicate something or show what he has going on in his mind, in the bath tonight he taught me more about just how complex he is.

All the way home from the park after saying it was bath night, he repeated “bath.” What does he write when he gets into the bath and has some window markers? Of course, he proved he still uses letters.

What better word to write in the bath and shock the heck out of dad?


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