Graduation Day

Today my twins received diplomas and graduated from senior kindergarten. It was a wonderful day with all three of my kids together. The twins attended the same school my teenager once did.

My teenager observed this link a lot today and talked a great deal about transitions. She had that teenager smirk when talking about some parents who were misty-eyed while watching their little ones graduate. She was quick to forget similar ceremonies when she was in daycare.

There were diplomas neatly placed on a table. The kids’ names were on flowers lining the walls of the school gym. The children had all made mortarboards with yellow and green construction paper. Both Rachel and Daniel were wearing cool new outfits given to them by my sister.

Daniel stayed sitting during most of the ceremony. He didn’t want to sit where his mom wanted him to. Instead he wanted to sit with big sister. That he sat was huge. It was also wonderful to see my two kids on the spectrum hanging out together in an environment that neither is very comfortable in.

Rachel sang the graduation song with great enthusiasm. She was so excited during the ceremony. I think she believed that there was a great mystery as to who was going to receive a diploma.

Big sister’s visit was great for all three of them and provided not just a little happiness for the old man as we all wait to see what the twin’s next transition of moving away to a new city means for all of us.


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