Hearing Every Voice

I had lingered or loitered on Twitter for a while until I realized what a great place it was to connect to other parents with kids on the autism spectrum. Once I figured that out, I started reading some wonderful words from people with a lot more experience than I had.

Take, for instance, @ihave7monsters who lives in Utah and is mom to 7 children, one of them on the spectrum.

Her blog was funny and a little heart-wrenching and her wit in tweets and dm’s was wonderful.

More importantly, she seemed to have this vast knowledge that she shared freely and this incredible energy. Hello, she has 7 kids and she was blogging and tweeting in support of other parents with special needs kids.

Much earlier this year she mentioned that she was given a ticket to BlogHer11. To me it sounded like just another conference and a little odd that all these bloggers would need to meet in person. After all, they probably blog naked or before they wash their hair or something.

When she told me she needed to go, I got the hint and I offered to help.

I get why it can help her business and build her online presence. Those are important things.

What I really, really care about in getting Caryn to BlogHer11 is that her voice needs to be heard. I have discovered over the course of my life that making sure voices are heard powers me.

We must always make sure that the voices that have the most challenges getting heard are the ones we pay special attention to.

This is my long-winded way of asking for support for Caryn. There will scores–hundreds–of writers at BlogHer11. Caryn’s voice will be heard in a way like never before. And she will be listened to as someone with remarkable knowledge.

Please read her post on #TheMommaProject and make a quick donation to get her voice heard http://www.livingwithlogan.com/p/momma-project.html

Donations made on Friday, July 8th are matched by another donor, so your $40 would become $80.


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