TouchPad Moment

I had such great ideas about being a TouchPad evangelist when HP announced it was making a tablet similar to the iPad. Sure, the TouchPad was similar to the iPad 1 when it arrived, but I knew it was going to be a big help for Daniel, just as the iPad had been of great assistance to many autistic kids.

That was all before the TouchPad became the second best selling tablet of 2011 when the plug was pulled on it and developers had no good reason to migrate their apps or make new apps for the TouchPad.

I’ve written before about how the TouchPad can play an important role in development for kids on the spectrum.

This morning I finally had everything in place to make a little video of Daniel and Rachel using it for Youtube, which has become Daniel’s preferred used for the TouchPad. I keep working with him on using some of the great Oceanhouse Media books for webOS, but he prefer his Youtube now.

So…what can parents do with a TouchPad?

Here is a little video that shows some turn-taking.


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