Gluten-free Sundays

Some ideas take a long time to form. The image of the lightbulb going off when a person gets an idea never seems to convey how many times Edison ran his experiments or how many other people were working on electrical lighting who didn’t succeed.

I am not claiming that I have had any ideas that would put any genius or dogged inventors to shame. That lightbulb moment takes a long time is all.

After many years of not doing anything about gluten-free diet options, it finally hit me while I was grocery shopping with the twins; I headed down the aisle with gluten-free flours and mixes. I bravely walked up to the pancake mixes and selected one to use for Sunday breakfast.

Making a hot Sunday morning breakfast for the kids has been a big deal for a long time. It seemed like a good way to make a new routine with my oldest daughter and it has continued for the last dozen years.

Some Sunday mornings would involve 3 different combinations. The two girls wanted chocolate chips, my son would want plain if he ate them and the twin’s mother would want blueberries.

When we bought a house to share with my sister that added one more person to the Sunday breakfast mix. The complication is that my sister would have to bring her own breakfast because she lives with celiac disease. My normal batters were of bounds.

When it became apparent that Daniel was autistic, as part of the research I did, I kept running across the stories of parents who had experimented with gluten-free diets and saw some amazing results. The problem for me is that there was so little supporting research of any value on this.

That means that gluten-free was not going to be a reasonable choice for Daniel.

Yet, in December it finally struck me that gluten-free pancakes and waffles was a brilliant idea. Not for Daniel, but for all of us. I could finally make a hot breakfast for all of us. Now the only thing I have to think about on Sunday mornings is do I have all of the possible toppings.