The Magic of March Break

As a kid, March Break had this magical quality. In those days, back when most of us lived close enough to walk to school and if we had a tv it was more likely to be black and white, it seemed like few people went away for the week.

There was always snow that week. Sometimes we would sneak onto a nearby car lot where the snow had been plowed to make a huge mountain where we would carve out a fort, oblivious to whether the dealership had adequate liability insurance. We played road hockey all day. In my case, I played road hockey very, very badly. There were some programs at the public library that I vaguely recall attending. Mostly, though, I remember the magic of just hanging out with the other kids in our neighbourhood.

Now, safely ensconced in adulthood, the biggest deal about March break for some years has been how light the traffic is for that week.

That is, unless it is a kid week.

This year was the second year of alternating March breaks with the twins. I was able to get an extra weekend with my son. His IBI is about an hour drive out of town and is normally 3 days a week. The extra weekend with just the two of us meant a lot to me. Because his IBI allows kids to take off some time during March breaks, he went in 2 days and that meant some one-to-one time with his twin sister.

What magical stuff did we do?

We hung out.

The beautiful weather we were blessed with meant we didn’t have to go sneaking around to build snow forts. We didn’t even need to find misplaced snow pants. Heck, we didn’t even need to find jackets most days.

A highlight with Daniel has to be working on his requests. Daniel has a lovely soft voice, a little high pitched much of the time. We spent last weekend adding “I want” when he requested something. “Pizza please” became “I want pizza, please.” That is a huge transformation. He almost brought me to tears when he said “I want bedtime, please” and “I want 3 more, please,” meaning he wanted me to sing 3 more lullabies. I was even more amazed with his quick progress when he started requesting at item and adding a colour. While playing with a blue ball, he asked for the white ball.

Rachel said her highlight was going to the children’s museum in Kitchener, cleverly branded as The Museum. When I asked her what was favourite, she answered everything, of course. She spent a large amount of time at the water table, using barriers to damn up or change the course and speed of the water flow. She was very pleased to say that there wasn’t too much “museum stuff.” I think she meant art or glass-encased displays. My faves at The Museum were the bed of nails and tweeting with @THEMUSEUM in real time about the displays.

My youngest engineer at the water table.

The biggest highlight for me: time.


6 thoughts on “The Magic of March Break

  1. Your blog posts always make me smile. Daniel’s progression is amazing and hearing it in person has been so heartwarming. He really does have a very sweet voice for such a big little boy.


  2. What gives!!! Ontario has better weather than BC during spring break??? WE had snow, hail and of course rain! YESCH! 😦

    That’s so great about Daniel’s speech!!! Almost brought me to tears with “I want bedtime please” too! Sounds like you and your daughter had some nice quality time at the Museum too!


    • Sorry to hear about the bad weather out that way. I have always been envious of Lower Mainland winters, but a March break where I didn’t have to dig out a car or find snow pants suits me just fine.

      If his request for bedtime almost brought you to tears, what will you do when I tell you that during our bedtime routine he also started asking for more lullabies by saying “I want three more, please.” He didn’t say it that way all last week because he was tired. He shortened it often to “three more please.”

      Rachel loved the Museum and also going to my office. She is often eclipsed by Daniel’s greater needs, so one-to-one time is really important to offer her.

      Thank you for your comments.


  3. Beautiful time together and lovely memories of the fort building of your own as a child. What gets me is that Daniel is using the pronoun correctly. Mine uses “you” to express himself still. (sigh) 🙂


    • It was wonderful. I am so impressed with Daniel’s progress. I have to say that I feel that use of “I” is largely repetition at this point, but in no way do I want to diminish that that is a huge achievement. Your guy is doing great with using you and someday soon you will be talking about his huge leap forward when he uses “I” correctly.


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