Being a Parent

I have had the great pleasure of recently being asked to write a post for I love the sit’e’s tag line: Where the 40’s come out to play.

I have been following @fortyliciousca on twitter for quite a while. I would like to say over a year and since I joined twitter in June 2009, that represents about a third of my twitter life.

The site is a great place to find events, challenges and observations about being in our 40’s. One of the cool things is that it invites you to create or join a challenge. I just saw one about barbecue sauces and I do love a good barbecue. Other folks might find the reading or fitness challenges more to their liking.

Please go check out the site and follow @fortyliciousCa.

Our forties are wonderful years and full of transitions. For some of us, our children are grown allowing us to have so much more time for non-family and non-work interests. For a large chunk of us–and that number is increasing–in our forties we have younger children and we are working so hard to secure their futures and our retirement. Many of us also have our parents whose age is becoming an issue.

For so long, men in their forties have been told that these are their prime income-earning years, but in a society where both parents work or where both partners work and there are no children around, what does that actually mean? It can mean that this is the decade when we have the time, the stability and means to push ourselves in new directions. It can also be a time where we understand that we have powerful experiences to share.

For me, as a parent and as someone who has left an important relationship behind, it means that I found that even under difficult circumstances, I can be an involved and confident parent, precisely because I am in my forties.

If you want to read the guest post, it’s called Parenting with Magic.

Thank you Heather for inviting me to write for


2 thoughts on “Being a Parent

    • Hi Sam.

      Thank you. As I grew up, I came to accept that losses happen and we can’t stop them from happening because so much is beyond out control. With my kids, I have lost a certain dream or vision of the future. It gives me the opportunity to do things differently. There is no day that goes by that I don’t wish my kids and I were all under the same roof all the time. That it doesn’t happen makes the time we have together a little more magical and important. And something good comes out of every thing that we perceive at the moment as being bad.


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