One of those conversations

Parents, someday there be conversations in which our kids will want to know why we made the choices we did.

I know this because I was a kid once. I also have a teenager and I have been interrogated a couple of times. I expect more of that in the future from her.

Thankfully, I have a little bit more time left before the twins broach the uncomfortable topics.

I have a feeling I know one that could come up with my son. He will want to know what the hell I was thinking when I said we were going to the museum to see dinosaurs.

A quiet moment of contemplation while wondering when the funny dinosaurs with cartoon colours will show up.

His exposure to dinosaurs comes mostly from TVOKids and shows like Dino Dan and Dinosaur Train. In the past there might have been Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs.

Most of those dinosaurs are cute or talk.

At the museum, the dinosaurs are definitely not cute and never talk. There is that whole thing about them not having skin either.

That’s more my kind of dinosaur

Daniel didn’t get very far into the museum before we saw our first skeleton. By the time we made it up to the floor with more bones, he was making a lot of his displeased noise and pulling away.

With some time and with some soothing, he became less wary.

This is a reminder to me that he understands some things very differently from his sister. She wants to be a paleontologist/doctor/firefighter/taxi driver and loves the fossils. When someone talks about dinosaurs I think of bones. Rachel thinks of bones and the animated variety. Daniel may only think of the animation.

The Portrait of the Paleontologist as a Young Woman

It’s an important lesson for me to think about my language and preparing him for something unexpected.

On a happier note, he loved the children’s area of the museum and especially the video microscope.

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10 thoughts on “One of those conversations

  1. Very nice! I chuckle a little because my kids are grown and have “interrogated” me on several occasions.
    Parenting never ends the role only changes a little.


    • Thank you. I can chuckle now. I even chuckled a bit after we got home. At first I thought there was something about the building that was upsetting him. Then it hit me.

      Good point about the roles changing. The kids are only asking us the same questions we ask (or should have asked) ourselves.


  2. Yeah, I can completely understand how that might have been scary but only with your “in retrospect” guiding me! Something so obvious, yet not. Good thought to keep in mind. Toots is not afraid of ghosts – yet but he has only been exposed to Team Umizoomi’s “ghost” and would be in for quite a surprise if we took him to say, the the mild mannered Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. I’m thinking that would be very unpleasant for all involved.


    • Part of me feels like I was pretty dim not to think that fossils are not the same as the cartoon dinosaurs. On the other hand, I need to give myself a bit of a break because we tried something and some of the consequences were not as positive as I imagined. If we hadn’t tried it, I would not know that Daniel was fascinated by the microscope. Maybe if Toots does go to the Haunted Mansion he is comfortable or maybe he discovers something that he never knew existed and delights in that. I can’t wait to read all about if you make it there.


  3. It’s only when they tell us that we are let into those amazingly different perspectives on everything. My little boy loves everything to do with baddies and goodies but when i told him a story about him being a supehero and baddies at our own house (only gentle level baddies) he couldn’t sleep because he was panicky about burglars. Silly me. He is now saying that he wants to live in a house with boarded up windows and a full on security system.


    • That sounds like we have very similar situations. It makes me think about learning about homonyms many, many years ago. After a while we can remember that the words are spelled differently and which spelling to use, but it takes time. We have had many years to think about using a burglar in an abstract way or why a dinosaur skeleton is the same as a dinosaur.


    • My youngest daughter pretty much identifies any of the big carnivores as T Rex. Who am I to say maybe it’s an Albertosaurus.

      We are going to try another museum with dinosaurs next week, but this time they have their skin on. We’ll see how that works.


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