Twitter, A Great Dating Site

Months ago I saw a tweet that made me howl. “LinkenIn is a lousy dating site. All anybody talks about is what they do for a living.”

Earlier this week I posted something on that behemoth social media site about twitter as a dating site. Immediately people thought I was being sarcastic or humourous. The truth is that I don’t share with people how great Twitter is as a dating site because then people will stop posting rants about politics, gun control, human stupidity, autism, fundraising and great moments in Polish history. Yes, these are all interests of mine and they would get edged out by people trying to pick people up.

As a single guy, I tried a couple of those dating sites. On the one connected to volcanoes, I made a terrific friend and we’ve been friends for over a decade. The ichthyology site resulted in another wonderful friend. Sure there were dates, but there is only so much coffee a person can drink.

Twitter, however, was never on my radar as a place to actually meet people. I thought the whole point was to not meet people in real life. All those friends and professional contacts I knew before getting on Twitter were the only ones I expected to meet. I added people after meeting them at conferences or workshops in my early days.

All that changed, when I saw a tweet from @OMum22 where she mentioned she preferred the term “unpartnered” to “unattached.” For a bit of background, I started on Twitter just to test it out mostly for work stuff. It then occurred to me that it was a great way to connect with other parents of autistic kids.

My earliest profiles carried the words “single dad” and then “single parttime dad.” I tried out co-parenting for a day and then moved to single or unattached. About the only terms I didn’t use were unencumbered or unfettered. I was striving to make a big deal about being a single dad not to attract giggles or dates, but because I wanted to highlight that there were fathers who were single and who were proud to have kids, some of whom were on the spectrum.

After seeing the tweet from @OMum22 and looking at her stream, I noticed that she was pretty darn funny and smart. I decided to change my profile to include “unpartnered” and we started tweeting. In fact, we tweeted a lot. Then we progressed to MSN and texting. Eventually we were ready for phone calls. Then…we agreed to meet at a Starbucks, aka First Date Central.

We’ve been together ever since. I knew we were in a relationship when she wrote a guest post on my blog that is one of the two most viewed posts. Now she has her own blog at Small But Kinda Mighty and recently passed the 2000 like mark on the SBKM Facebook page.

What started as the place for conversations about being the parents of kids on the spectrum, history and the privations of wartime rationing in the UK turned into a dating site with 100% match rate. The old guy on the commercials can’t beat that.

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