Every day is Father’s Day

Out of the blue a few weeks ago, my youngest daughter gave me a card she made at school.

She did it just because she wanted to.

Anyone who has met my daughter knows she is a charmer and is a sweet, sweet soul. She is also very giving and caring.

A just  because card.

A just because card.

One of the things that Rachel brings up often when the twins are here is that we have a calm household. She can list a lot of reasons why she thinks that, and many include that Daniel is usually very relaxed here. When the kids moved away and I worked through how I would parent, I wanted to provide the twins with 2 things: sanctuary and stability. I also wanted them to know that love is unconditional, or it isn’t love.

Ok, I wanted those things for me, too.

The twin’s lives became pretty unpredictable for a while after the family split and very hectic, too. When I go to meetings with Daniel’s teachers and therapists, I can see that his behaviours can be challenging, but I often wonder why I don’t see them here.

But when Rachel says it is calm here, I know that I have done my job as a father well. And I so love being their father.

All my kids are the best kids ever. That makes every day Father’s Day.


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