Some Christmas Sweets

Like a lot of parents, Christmas mornings every other year mean the absence of feet running down the stairs and squeals of delight when the presents are spied.

Santa has never once been seen in our house on Christmas morning, but he does get to take it easy in those alternate years. He can make a lot of other rounds before circling back to come to us. Continue reading

My mother’s example

Today would have been my mother’s birthday.

I don’t expect I could ever forget it, but just in case it’s in all of my online calendars and it’s in my Blackberry.

When she passed away in 2009, there had been many times in my life where it looked like the last time. I almost convinced myself in September of 2009 that despite all of the medical professionals saying it was really the end this time, they would be mistaken one last time.

My mother was a fighter. Nothing came easily for her.

Ruth on her 79th Birthday

Ruth on her 79th Birthday

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Alex Spourdalakis Was Not Disposable

Trigger Alert: Some graphic language about violence against children

I have tried many, many times to write this post and every time I start to write it, it isn’t a very sunny post.

Usually when I write in my little part of the universe, I write with a mixture of wonder, awe, amazement, optimism, self-deprecation and a bit of humour. Continue reading