What About This Gingerheaddad Guy?

Curious, mildly funny (okay, maybe funnier in person–but co-workers may dispute that) fundraiser (yeah, it really is a profession) living in Canada, father of 3. Some of them are autistic. My twins are about as old as the last pair of winter boots I bought and my oldest was conceived the last time the Blue Jays won the World Series. I share my some thoughts on how I parent, how wonderful my kids are and how I see the world. I will happily talk to strangers in Starbucks. An obsession with Watergate probably indicates I need more interests. Once upon a time, I took Soviet Studies in university and shortly thereafter the Berlin Wall came down. Do I think I had an impact on the Cold War? Did I mention I have red hair?  I love coffee, Casablanca, history, Anthony Burgess novels and a few thousand other things.


9 thoughts on “What About This Gingerheaddad Guy?

  1. Thanks for adding me to that list of Aspergers related people on Twitter. Wonderful to find people who aren’t posting link after link. Thanks too for nudging me a bit (even though you didn’t intend to) to join Twitter. Take care. Can you direct me to some of your favorite older posts you’ve written? Thanks.
    ~ Sam


    • I am pleased that you took the plunge into twitter and I hope it brings more attention to your wonderful posts. It’s a cool thing to stumble upon writing that is compelling like your blog is. I should warn you that I do post a fair number of links because I am in a couple of groups on Triberr.

      Some of my favourite older posts? Here goes: the one about the Tooth Fairy, Bedtime Stories, Swimming Lessons, My Daughter’s Present and What’s Wrong with Just Being a Parent.

      I admire you for how often you post and imagine that it must be exhausting because it takes me quite a bit to just post a couple of times a month.



  2. Cool. When I have some time, I’ll pop over and read those. It can be exhausting to post everyday but the journey is worth it. I don’t mind if you twitter a lot. I won’t be on often. See “you” soon.
    Oh, and thanks for the kind comments about my blog. I try to be compelling more so than whacko! LOL


  3. Hi Jim,

    I really enjoy your blog. While there are many stories about challenges in parenting for kids with special needs, I think your blog is inspirational and showcases a very realistic perspective on parenting. It offers advice with a personal and positive tone and the content is easy to relate with for parents and readers who are also parents of children with special needs.

    We’ve taken a read through your blog and we think you’ve done a fantastic job covering topics that our brand’s audience would also be interested in learning more about. It would be great if you could join our community to help educate, inform and converse with other parents and thought leaders who write about special needs from a personal and professional point of view.

    If you would like to learn more about this, please send an email to info@atomicreach.com



  4. Hi Gingerheaddad,

    My name is Vincent Crocitto. On behalf of the Oquendo family, today we are launching an autism awareness page dedicated to the life of Avonte Oquendo. He was a 13 year old autistic child that recently died tragically.


    You’re a very big voice in the autism world. I’d be honored if you can help spread the word about Avonte and help us draw awareness to Autism in general. A simple tweet or Facebook like would be highly-appreciated.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    All the Best,

    Vincent Crocitto


    • Hi Vincent:

      Thank you for letting me know about the new site to remember Avonte. I see that it also has information about Avonte’s law. Anything that I can do spread awareness to prevent another family experiencing the grief that the Oquendo’s are feeling, I will do. I have shared the link to http://perecman.com/avonte-oquendo/ on twitter and Facebook. My thoughts, like those of so many families, are with Avonte’s family.


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